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WWE announces 'Extreme Moment of the Year' nominees for 2013 Slammy Awards

The nominees for "Extreme Moment of the Year" for this year's WWE Slammy Awards are ...

WWE is in the process of announcing nominees (and presenters) for a number of categories for this year's version of the Slammy Awards and today posted the nominees for "Extreme Moment of the Year", an award that will be presented by the Hardcore Legend himself, Mick Foley.

They are:

- The Shield triple powerbombs The Undertaker on SmackDown
- Ryback spears John Cena through the LED Light Board at Extreme Rules
- Punk exacts vengeance on Paul Heyman at Hell in a Cell
- The Wyatts crush Kane at SummerSlam

That's actually a fairly strong list of contenders, save for the Wyatt Family crushing Kane back at SummerSlam. That was about as underwhelming as it could possibly be, actually, and shouldn't be up for any award celebrating excellence.

The other three, meanwhile, all mostly fit the bill. Ryback spearing Cena through the stage set up seems like the top contender but don't rule out The Shield.

Believe and all that.

Who are you voting for, Cagesiders?

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