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WWE announces 'LOL Moment of the Year' nominees for 2013 Slammy Awards

The nominees for "LOL Moment of the Year" for this year's WWE Slammy Awards are ...

WWE is in the process of announcing nominees (and presenters) for a number of categories for this year's version of the Slammy Awards and today posted the nominees for "LOL Moment of the Year", an award that will be presented by the New Age Outlaws.

They are:

- The Rock Concert at the 20th Anniversary of Raw
- Vickie Guerrero is fired as Raw GM
- Titus O'Neill throws up on JBL, Michael Cole, and Zeb Colter on SmackDown
- The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal try to charm Santino's cobra on SmackDown

Well, this is a terribly weak list of nominees for an admittedly terribly weak award. So I suppose it fits after all.

The assumption is The Rock will run away with it and that's probably the right call, though he won't be there to actually accept the award. Perhaps he'll drop in via satellite like he's so good at.

The other three are hardly worth breaking down. Some bad, some silly, some campy, some kind of awful.

What gets your vote?

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