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WWE announces 'Insult of the Year' nominees for 2013 Slammy Awards

The nominees for "Insult of the Year" for this year's WWE Slammy Awards are ...

WWE is in the process of announcing nominees (and presenters) for a number of categories for this year's version of the Slammy Awards and today posted the nominees for "Insult of the Year", an award that will be presented by The Miz.

They are:

- Stephanie McMahon insults Big Show
- AJ goes off on "Total Divas"
- Paul Heyman's insults toward CM Punk
- Zeb Colter's insults

That's an underwhelming list right there.

AJ Lee's pipe bomb on the cast of Total Divas is a clear front runner for this writer, though Stephanie running down Big Show deserves praise if only for how far she took it and the visceral emotion she showed while she was cutting the big man down to size.

Heyman and Punk had some great segments together but nothing sticks out as a particularly great insult.

As for Colter, well, if you're into that sort of thing, maybe you've enjoyed his xenophobic rants over the past year. But most of his stuff has been cringe-worthy and the Real Americans placement on the card has lessened its impact anyway.

Who do you think deserves the award, Cagesiders?

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