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WWE announces nominees for select Slammy Awards categories

Nominees from select Slammy Awards categories have been announced by WWE, including "Superstar of the Year". So who's up for the honor?

WWE is in the process of announcing nominees (and presenters) for a number of categories for this year's version of the Slammy Awards and posted a list of categories up for vote earlier today.

They are:

Superstar of the Year (presented by Shawn Michaels):

- John Cena
- Randy Orton
- CM Punk
- Daniel Bryan
- Big Show
- Brock Lesnar

Quick analysis: Considering this is more a storyline tool than legitimate award, it makes sense that Bryan would win and end up in a confrontation with Michaels, who he took out the last time the two met. Also, I have no idea why Lesnar is on this list.

Diva of the Year (presented by Eve Torres):

- AJ Lee
- Bella Twins
- Funkadactyls
- Natalya
- Kaitlyn
- Eva Marie

Quick analysis: AJ should run away with this but because of Total Divas, don't be surprised if the Bella Twins get the nod. No different than Lesnar being up for "Superstar of the Year" making no sense, Eva Marie doesn't belong anywhere near a list of nominees for an award that is supposed to be honoring excellence.

Double Cross of the Year (presented by The Shield):

- Triple H turns on Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam
- Shawn Michaels turns on Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell
- Mark Henry fakes retirement before slamming John Cena
- Paul Heyman turns on CM Punk at Money in the Bank

Quick analysis: This one has a clear winner and it's Henry's fake retirement swerve on Raw that led to a fine match against Cena. That was one of the best moments in the history of Raw, there's no question it should win here. But, again, storyline advancement and what not, so don't be surprised if one of the first two options wins.

Stay tuned for more.

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