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Did John Cena kill the Nexus? Edge provides new evidence on the latest episodes of Talk is Jericho

A particularly interesting tidbit is dropped in the middle of a long talk between Edge and Y2J on the latest edition of Talk is Jericho. And it's one that will send Cena-haters into a tizzy.

In the latest episodes of Talk is Jericho, Y2J was joined via telephone by Adam Copeland - better known as Edge to WWE fans.  The fellow Canadians cover a wide-range of topics in the two part podcast, including Edge's start in the business, his partnership with childhood friend Christian and Vince McMahon's support of the Ultimate Opportunist's first WWE championship reign.

Of particular interest to folks who have an interest in how booking decisions are made, wonder why WWE's big summer angles so often go splat and John Cena haters will probably be a discussion the two legends have about the main event of SummerSlam 2010.  As you may recall, the white hot Nexus stable headed into the pay-per-view (PPV) against Cena and his mix of faces, heels and the surprise return of Daniel Bryan in a seven-on-seven elimination tag.  The match ended when John took out Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett.

Keep in mind, the context of this discussion was not "Damn that John Cena!", but rather came about from both men discussing how easy it is to fall victim to your own ideas.  In fact, it's brought up from of a story of Copeland having to be convinced to not pull out of WrestleMania 21 because he didn't want to be typecast as ladder match guy by competing in the first Money in the Bank match - even though he was being booked to win, and would eventually use the briefcase to win that first World title.

Anyway, here's a transcript of the SummerSlam portion of the December 25th episode:

Jericho: It was WWE Team vs. Team Nexus...and the finish boiled down to you [Edge] and me [Jericho] were in there, but it was Cena against a couple of them. John wanted to do things a certain way and we told him 'you're wrong'. Remember that? And he did it anyways, and it sucked. And then afterwards he came over to us and said 'I should have listened to you, but I wasn't seeing it that way.  And sometimes you just don't see it that way, you know?

Edge: It's one of those things...where he was adamant about what he wanted to do.  And I remember, I was like, 'fine, I'm out of the match by that point'.

Jericho: [Laughes] Exactly.  He wanted to get DDT'd on the floor by Barrett, then kick out and beat them both. And you and I were like, 'that's the dumbest thing. That's just throwing it away for no reason'.

Edge: They should have gone over because they were so hot.

Jericho: We were fighting for Barrett to go over. And, in all fairness, where's Wade Barrett now? They should have listened to us.

While it's important to note that Jericho and Edge aren't accusing Cena of anything they hadn't done themselves, it's also true that their examples of being blinded by their own "brilliant ideas" end with other people talking them out of it or overruling them.  Cena, on the other hand, is able to book his own finish, even to an extremely over angle at the one of the biggest shows on the calendar.

Which, oh by the way, why are three performers just kicking around the ending of the script to your main storyline?  Does the infamous Vincent Kennedy McMahon micro-managing not apply to John Cena?

What do you think, Cagesiders?  An understandable bad call or an example of egomania running wild?

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