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Batista winning the Royal Rumble? Challenging Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania 30? Insanity?!?!

Rumors and reports are floating that there have been talks of using Batista as a true marquee attraction upon his return to WWE in 2014. Not just as a main event player, but a true headlining attraction.

Krystal Bogner via Wikimedia Commons

Just days ago, word circulated that Batista would be making his return to WWE in 2014, possibly as soon at the Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant. Advertisements blew the big surprise a full month ahead of time, and then the "dirt sheets" got to working their sources and now here we are wondering what the plans will be for the former "Animal" of Evolution.

According to, there have been wide ranging talks that could include some incredibly big happenings.

That includes making his return at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV), winning the Royal Rumble match, and going on to challenge Randy Orton for the WWE world heavyweight championship at WrestleMania 30.

How's that for a surprise?

It doesn't end there.

Not only is that at least a possibility, but there has also apparently been talk of a Batista vs. Undertaker rematch from WrestleMania 23. Obviously that would leave Brock Lesnar out in the cold, and it's fair to wonder how much interest there would be in such a match actually happening, but it's at least on the table.

Then again, so is almost everything else.

Either way, it appears Triple H has some big plans in store for a wrestler he deemed a star in the making when he elected to have him join Evolution back in 2003.


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