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Does the WWE championship mean more than the World heavyweight championship?

Which title means more to you: the WWE championship or the world heavyweight championship?

Considering the creative direction within WWE right now, that the goal is one champion instead of two, there's been an increased emphasis on how meaningful both the WWE and world heavyweight championship are.

Naturally, it's become a competition. Which title means more?

To that end, is running a poll and as of this writing, here are the results:


If we're to assume the Big Gold Belt of today represents the Big Gold Belt dating back to the NWA days when Ric Flair gave it all the legitimacy it would ever need, then this race should probably be far closer than 70-30.

Then again, history is written by the winner and WWE controls the narrative. If there really is going to be one true champion after the upcoming Randy Orton vs. John Cena main event at TLC on Dec. 15, 2013, in Houston, it's highly unlikely the world title would be chosen to represent the company.

Which title do you prefer, Cagesiders?

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