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Another side of the AJ Lee-Michelle Beadle confrontation comes out in new report

This whole AJ Lee-Michelle Beadle confrontation story just got even more interesting.

Anton Jackson via Wikimedia Commons

As my colleague Sean Rueter mentioned earlier today, there is reportedly a lot of heat on AJ Lee thanks to her actions at the recent Tribute to the Troops taping that featured a backstage run-in between her and celebrity guest host Michelle Beadle. According to the initial report, from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Lee launched into a tirade against Beadle while she was conversing with CM Punk, Lee's current boyfriend.

Obviously, that's something company officials wouldn't be so thrilled about.

Now, a new report from Mike Johnson at PW Insider is confirming that a confrontation took place but it wasn't nearly as explosive as originally stated. Apparently, some wrestlers who were nearby told PW Insider that Beadle had a conversation with Punk in which something was said that upset him. It was only after this that Lee approached the NBC personality and told her that the two would have a problem if she were to speak to Punk so disrespectfully in the future.

No one is commenting on the actual exchange of words.

And while initial reports stated Lee became irate, the second report states that simply wasn't the case and she never raised her voice. However, that part is nearly irrelevant considering the fact that Beadle is a celebrity who WWE courted. If she shows up and has a bad experience with a member of the talent roster, that could lead to a number of problems, none of which WWE has any interest in.

Outside of a few vague tweets from all parties involved, there hasn't been any comment on the matter.

Because this is pro wrestling, it's always worth noting that this could be some elaborate work leading to some sort of angle or match later on. But from all reports and appearances, that doesn't seem to be the case here.

If AJ loses her Divas title to Natalya tonight (Sat., Dec. 15, 2013) at TLC in Houston and starts doing a lot of jobs, we may have an early lead on why that would be.

Stay tuned.

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