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Report: New Ultimate Warrior DVD set for April 2014 release

According to a new report, WWE has scheduled a new Ultimate Warrior DVD for release in April 2014. Hey, isn't there an important event that just so happens to be taking place that month in New Orleans...

Just a couple weeks ago, Ultimate Warrior gave an interview to Digital Spy in which he revealed he would be open to a WWE Hall of Fame induction if "they tell the right story". It was a not so subtle nod to the hit piece documentary the company released in 2005 entitled "The Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior" that painted his career in the worst light possible and Warrior's desire to have it stricken from history.

Or at least have himself represented in a far more favorable light.

That's what makes a recent report from Wrestling DVD News intriguing. According to the report, WWE is working on another Warrior DVD, this one a three-disc set, that would be released in April of 2014. It's not a documentary, apparently, but instead a simple match compilation.

That would seem to indicate there wouldn't be much chance for Warrior to tell his own tale. Then again, it could be put together like "The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin" DVD that featured Austin narrating his career progression in between his most important matches.

Assuming that's the idea, it paves the way for Warrior to be inducted into the Hall of Fame during the WrestleMania 30 weekend in New Orleans.

Considering the nature of his relationship with not just Vince McMahon but Triple H, who is gaining more and more power within WWE by the day, it's best to sit back and take the "wait and see" approach on this one.

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