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Total Divas ratings down from last week headed into season one finale

"Total Divas" viewership numbers were down this week for the second to last episode of the first season.

Alberto E. Rodriguez

Total Divas is nearing its first season finale, and viewership totals have settled in to a regular pattern. Without the Keeping With the Kardashians lead in, the numbers will be down but not by too much. On its own, the show does quite well for itself on the E! channel.

Assuming, of course, the competition isn't too stiff, especially in-house.

This past Sunday night's episode, which didn't have major competition from WWE but did face other cable hits, did averaged 1.20 million viewers. That's a solid number for the show, the kind of number that helped it get to a second season.

Speaking of which, the first season finale airs next week. Unfortunately for the E! channel, it's up against the TLC pay-per-view (PPV) event. We'll see how much the allure of the first season closing can fend off such stiff competition.

Here's how the ratings stack up throughout the series:

Episode one: 1.34 million
Episode two: 1.53 million
Episode three: 1.67 million
Episode four: 1.34 million
Episode five: 1.46 million
Episode six: 1.52 million
Episode seven: 1.09 million
Episode eight: 1.03 million
Episode nine: 0.93 million
Episode 10: 1.25 million
Episode 11: 1.41 million
Episode 12: 0.92 million
Episode 13: 1.44 million
Episode 14: 1.20 million

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