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Good news, bad news for Christian

The former champion returned to WWE last night, and Renee Young got a couple of scoops from the director of the Peep Show - one worth celebrating, and one that's a cause for concern regarding his wrestling future.

According to this exclusive interview from the WWE App, Christian has had an eventful past few months.

The former World Heavyweight Champion (WHC) returned last night on Raw to present the "This is Awesome!" Slammy to The Big Show and stand in the ring with all of the other former WHCs and WWE champs for last night's epic final segment.

Renee Young caught up with Captain Charisma for a quick word, and, well, it turns out Wade Barrett probably should have been there:

It's been kind of a rough go since I was taken out of action a few months back by The Shield, which I haven't forgotten yet. I had a pretty bad concussion. I had some recurring concussion symptoms and things like that. A lot of stuff going on in my life. Actually, I don't talk about my personal life all that too much, I'll do it this one time only, some breaking news here on the App. It's a blessing in disguise that I got to be home because I welcomed my first child. Had a baby girl, so I was pretty happy about that. And that's the last time you'll ever hear me talk about my personal life.

"Recurring concussion symptoms" are never a good thing, but they're especially concerning for a forty year old with history of ladder matches from the Attitude Era.  And, now that he has a new baby at home, he'll probably want to be even more cautious about his health.

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Reso, and best wishes for future good health (and rapid advances in head injury treatment, for Christian and everyone suffering from concussions in pro wrestling and many of our other favorite pastimes).

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