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Video: WWE names the top 10 babyface turns in history

WWE is back with another countdown video, this one listing the top 10 babyface turns in history. Yeah, this should be real good.

There is perhaps no greater storytelling tool in professional wrestling than the "turn." Whether that be a good guy turning bad or a bad guy turning good, it has sustained the industry for generations and generations. It is central to everything promotions do.

And does it get any better than the babyface turn?

That's why we're so quick to jump all over the latest WWE Countdown video showcasing the top 10 babyface turns in history. Let's get right to the list (click here to check out the top 10 heel turns in history):

10. Andre the Giant turns on Bobby Heenan
9. Virgil turns on Ted DiBiase
8. Undertaker turns on Jake Roberts
7. Randy Orton turns on Evolution
6. The Rock turns on the Corporation
5. Batista turns on Evolution
4. Mr. Perfect turns on Bobby Heenan
3. Miss Elizabeth saves Randy Savage
2. Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 18
1. Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13


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