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Edge has the best response to Triple H yet

Edge has finally responded to Triple H's claims that he wasn't "the guy" and his response is the best yet.

David Seto

A few weeks back, Triple H made a dig on Daniel Bryan on an episode of Monday Night Raw that involved calling out three current/former wrestlers who Bryan could aspire to be: Edge, Chris Jericho, and Rob Van Dam. Triple H's argument was that all three were really good, and very popular, but none were ever "the guy", and that would be the fate awaiting Bryan.

This had its intended effect, pissing off fans of Bryan, helping said fans want his title win to come that much more, and creating possible angles/stories with the other three.

Bryan never did win the title -- not yet -- but there have been responses from each of the three guys Triple H put down to get at Bryan. Jericho was first, saying Triple H was never really "the guy" either. Van Dam mostly brushed it off, as he is want to do.

But Edge, in a recent interview with, gave the best response:

WWE.COM: What do you think of Triple H's recent comment about you, Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam being great, popular Superstars, but not being able to be "the guy"?

EDGE: When you look back on WWE's history, how many guys really were "the guy"? There was Bruno Sammartino, then Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock and now John Cena. Then again, does Triple H like guys with long hair that are better looking and more athletic than him? Probably not. And I think the three of us fall into that category.

That's the best response because it's really difficult to argue against it. WWE has absolutely been a star driven business, one that has sustained itself on the back of one guy until the next guy stepped up and filled in for as long as he could. As good as Triple H was, he was always underneath Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

And as good as Edge was, he was always underneath John Cena.

That doesn't mean the two weren't huge stars, guys who carried the belt for extended periods of time and were relied on to help sell major pay-per-view (PPV) events. But they weren't "the guy", as Triple H put it.

It makes one wonder who "the guy" will be when John Cena goes away.

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