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Potentially unfounded reports of Hulk Hogan signing with WWE go completely unnoticed

A report exists that Hulk Hogan has signed with WWE and no one seems to have noticed. So what does that tell us?

Ronald Martinez

We here at Cageside Seats run a daily column throughout the week rounding up the latest rumors in the pro wrestling world and presenting them to you readers to digest with the understanding that they are simply rumors and not meant to be taken as fact. We do this because, well, pro wrestling is full of unfounded reports from always anonymous "sources" that turn out to be completely false.

It appears we've found yet another.

This one comes courtesy of the Examiner, and it states -- in an "exclusive" -- that Hulk Hogan and WWE have reached an agreement on a contract and he'll be back on the promotion's programming "possibly early in the new year".

Here's an excerpt from the article but you should click here to go read it to believe it:

There is even talk of Hogan returning as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble.

"We knew this would happen at some point," the source tells Examiner. "It's my understanding that there isn't a contract in place, but there's a verbal agreement that will move forward. It's just a good fit for everybody involved, especially with the milestone WrestleMania 30 coming up. Hogan needed to finish up his stuff with TNA and just come home."

It should be noted that it's entirely possible Hogan has, in fact, agreed to a deal with WWE and he'll be returning early next year. But it's also entirely possible this is all hogwash and should be taken as such.

Notable here is the fact that no one else anywhere has picked up on the story. There has been no mention of Hogan signing with WWE from either side, nor has there been even a peep from reputable pro wrestling news sources like the Wrestling Observer or PW Insider.

So while it's still possible "The Hulkster" does indeed return home to the company that made him a star so many moons ago, it appears the first report of such was a simple case of throwing mud at the wall and hoping it would stick.

Carry on.

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