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Ultimate Warrior would enter WWE Hall of Fame if 'they tell the right story'

The Ultimate Warrior isn't against the idea of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, he's just concerned about the story that would need to be told.

When it was announced that Ultimate Warrior was taking part in the WWE 2K14 video game, including a considerable promotional tour with interviews and speaking engagements and what not, it led to speculation that he would inevitably return to WWE in some on screen capacity.

So far, that hasn't been the case.

Actually, the only serious discussions that have been had on the matter involve an induction into the Hall of Fame. This year's class will need to be big, what with WrestleMania XXX coming the next evening in New Orleans, and there are only so many big name draws available.

Warrior being one of them.

The problem, of course, is the two sides have had a tumultuous relationship for many, many years. Warrior was rumored to be notoriously difficult to work with and WWE, for its part, embarked on multiple smear campaigns that included an entire DVD release in 2005 entitled "The Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior", which featured superstar after superstar bombing both the man and the character.

Naturally, it led to even more bad blood.

There is no bridge that cannot be rebuilt however, and in a recent interview with Digital Spy, Warrior revealed he would be open to a Hall of Fame induction with one big condition:

"The simple answer is they've got to tell the right story. That's a possibility. Being in the Hall of Fame - Ultimate Warrior being inducted into the Hall of Fame, or me standing there at the Hall of Fame participating in it - is not going to mean anything to my goals in my life and the kind of quality of life I'm going to have, what kind of things I'm going to do, how productive I'm going to be as I move on throughout my life.

"I only get this one life, so I'm not going to sit in my own pile of poop and feel sorry that I'm not in the Hall of Fame. The Ultimate Warrior character relative to professional wrestling or WWE, he's definitely a Hall of Famer. He's a Hall of Famer whether he gets into the Hall of Fame or not.

"They need to tell the right story. They need to tell the right story for the fans. It's been interesting - years ago they started rewriting the history of the character. Then they came out with the DVD [2005's controversial The Self-Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior]. I see the people who love The Ultimate Warrior. They're grown up now they're out in the world and they've got their own kids. I've seen them, they fight.

"They don't sit back and take it anymore when people are on a bandwagon and spew out all kinds of stuff that's not based on any factual information or anything like that about what kind of impression the Ultimate Warrior made in the business. So they need to tell the right story, and that would be a way to open the door to talking about doing the Hall of Fame."

The too long; didn't read version: Warrior wants to be presented in a far more favorable light, his career looked back on with reverence instead of outright animosity.

Is it going to happen?

Vince McMahon is many things but above all else, he's business. If the decision is made that Warrior is a good fit for the Hall of Fame this year and mind's are made up, what needs to be done will be done and it will come to fruition.

Just like Bruno Sammartino last year.

The question I leave you Cagesiders with is this: Does Warrior actually deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?

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