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Triple H expects to wrestle another match 'shortly'; Pegs The Shield and Wyatt Family as rising stars

If you thought Triple H's days wrestling were over, you've got another thing coming. In a recent interview, he talked about his return to the ring as well as who he sees as the top rising stars.

In a recent interview with Greg and the Morning Buzz, Triple H was asked about coming back to wrestle another match. His response? "I'm not back in the ring yet, but I expect it to be broken shortly, probably." The "it" he's referring to having "broken" is the glass around the panic button, for the record, but it's said within the context of a joke that may not actually be a joke.

But that's not anything we didn't expect already, right?

What's more interesting are the names he dropped when asked who he sees as rising stars:

"We got a ton of guys. I look at the last year, and especially for me, that's really one of the things that I do that I like the most, helping the young talent and developing the young talent and stuff, and in the last year The Shield have all come up, and that's a massive group of three, just immensely talented guys that are all going to be massive stars, already are. The Wyatts, again, three more guys that are just incredibly talented and destined for huge things. This weekend we had a new Intercontinental Champion, Big E. Langston. Here's a guy that came up in the past year that has just made phenomenal strides. We have a lot guys. For all of them, we have 80 talent or so sitting down, or more, depending on the time, sitting down in developmental just chomping at the bit for the opportunity.

"It's great. It's really created a competitive environment and for people interested in that, seeing where these guys come from, we have a show, right now it airs on Hulu, but it's called NXT. NXT is basically a show that, it's all our developmental talent. If you were watching it a year and a half ago, you would've seen the Shield, you would have seen the Wyatts, you would have seen Big E. Langston, all those guys, as they were coming up in the developmental system, before they got to the main roster. It's a really cool opportunity to see them before."

The Shield, the Wyatt Family, and Big E. Langston. Those stars could anchor WWE television for the next decade or so, and they've got the endorsement of the man who is becoming one of the biggest power players within the company.

That ain't not bad at all, folks.

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