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Big Show written off WWE television -- for now -- with concussion

It looks like we won't be seeing Big Show on WWE television for the time being.


Bad news for all you Big Show fans out there: "The World's Largest Athlete" won't be on your television screens for the time being, at least in the near future. There's no word yet on how long he'll be out of action, but posted an article claiming "head trauma" is the culprit.

Here's a snip:

During the WWE Championship Match at Sunday's pay-per-view in Boston, Randy Orton punted Big Show in the head to retain the title. According to ringside physician Dr. Chris Amann, the giant "did sustain some head trauma from Randy Orton's punt. Thankfully, at that time his neurological exam was normal. He passed all of his impact testing, and he was able to get in the ring without any headaches, dizziness or problems at that time."


"The trauma Big Show sustained Monday at Raw did, in fact, cause concussive symptoms," said Dr. Amann. "At this point, we are doing further testing, and he is currently not cleared to participate in any in-ring competition."

So, essentially, Show was messed up real bad at Survivor Series but he was just okay enough to compete on Raw, where he was subjected to even more trauma. He refused medical treatment mid-match, and the dopey doctor allowed the match to continue, and now he's suffering from a concussion.

That's the story.

This is an interesting turn of events. Over the past four months, Big Show and Daniel Bryan were the two main protagonists on Monday Night Raw, both chasing the WWE title at various points. Then, in one episode, Show was given a concussion and Bryan was kidnapped by the Wyatt Family.

Now John Cena is challenging for the WWE title. Funny how things worked out that way.

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