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The American Wolves get a one week tryout at WWE's performance centre

Despite Triple H initially being reluctant to hire The American Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, due to their bloated indy experience and lack of size, they're currently in Orlando having a one week tryout at WWE's new performance centre.

Too small and experienced for WWE? Thankfully perhaps not.
Too small and experienced for WWE? Thankfully perhaps not.
Photo by Anton of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons. is reporting that The American Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, are currently in Orlando having a one week tryout at WWE's new performance centre:

"The American Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards reported today to the WWE Performance Center. We are told that they will be in Orlando, Florida for a week-long tryout.

As previously reported in the Elite section of, there have been some in WWE who have pushed for the pair to be signed despite some resistance from those who feel the company is currently stocked with good workers from the independent scene.

One WWE source believed the one week tryout could be stage one of the pair receiving a short-term trial deal that would send them to developmental for a few months."

Indeed, the company have been umming and ahhing about whether to sign the talented duo ever since their ROH contracts expired over the summer.

According to Dave Meltzer in his subscriber only newsletter a week ago, the sticking point was Triple H being reluctant to hire them, originally deciding against it, feeling that the company already has more than enough small super technicians who made a big name for themselves on the indy circuit before coming to WWE.

Whether they deserve the blame or not, the fact that Ring Of Honor alumni Daniel Bryan and CM Punk drew poorly on pay-per-view when they were booked in the top two matches at SummerSlam and Night Of Champions can't help the cause of any current ROH wrestlers that want to follow in their footsteps to become WWE stars too.

Instead, Hunter wants guys with little or no experience in developmental who they can teach how to work from scratch, rather than having to spend a lot of time, money and effort having to deprogram all the bad habits veteran journeymen picked up doing things differently to get over elsewhere.

However, apparently the right people who have his ear politely pointed out how misguided he was to not give The American Wolves a fair shot, especially as Eddie Edwards was supposed to be the standout performer at the last WWE tryout camp.

What may have been their saving grace is that Triple H wants to bolster the WWE tag team division and thus it probably wasn't difficult to convince him that completely disregarding out of hand arguably the best tag team in the world outside of the big leagues would be a rash decision.

I would like to wish Richards and Edwards the best of luck in making a positive impression with the key decision makers at NXT this week. The place is a political mess, so the cream isn't always guaranteed to rise to the top. Just ask poor Chris Hero where talent without good fortune gets you? A ticket straight back to where you came from.

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