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AJ Lee collapses during match with Brie Bella at WWE house show in London

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee collapsed during a match with Brie Bella at a WWE house show today (Nov. 15, 2013) in London, England.

Earlier today (Fri., Nov. 15, 2013) at a WWE house show in London, England, Divas Champion AJ Lee was working a match with Brie Bella when she suddenly collapsed. Reports from those in attendance vary, though some say she appeared to hit her head pretty hard and went out cold before being helped to the back.

As it turns out, dehydration was the culprit. had the story first:

The 26-year old wrestler fainted in the ring Friday while wrestling Brie Bella in London, and dehydration was to blame.

According to reports AJ -- real name April Mendez -- was tended to at ringside after the scary fall ... and walked to the back on her own power.

Then, WWE released an official statement:

"Tonight in London, WWE Diva AJ Lee briefly fainted during a match with Brie Bella due to dehydration. She is currently being evaluated by WWE medical staff."

The WWE schedule is a difficult one, and it's a wonder there aren't more stories like this. Here's to hoping dehydration is the only issue here and Lee is treated, taken care of, and quickly recovers.

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