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Hulk Hogan spies the nWo as his way back into WWE?

Hulk Hogan is clearly desperate to return to WWE and his latest tweets indicate that he believes an nWo reunion is his golden ticket back to the big leagues. Could a WWE Hall Of Fame induction be in the group's future?

Big Sexy & The Lone Wolf, please put in a good word for me with your buddy Hunter, HH
Big Sexy & The Lone Wolf, please put in a good word for me with your buddy Hunter, HH

Despite Hulk Hogan being a free agent and on the hunt for a new job (after all, a prolonged divorce and being on the hook for your reckless son's car crash that left passenger John Graziano comatose doesn't come cheap), WWE hasn't exactly been biting his hand off to bring him back to the fold.

The rumours that the Hulkster has already come to a verbal agreement with Vince McMahon are obviously bogus, as he's clearly still trying to lobby his way into a major spot at WrestleMania XXX.

Hogan's latest brainstorming on Twitter reveals that he thinks an nWo reunion is his golden ticket back to the big leagues:

"Ill be at the BigEvent around 10am this morning in Queens,first person I saw last night was Scott Hall and he looks awesome!!!!!!    HH

Scott Hall looks like he's 25yrs old again and ready to give somebody the Razors Edge,it made my night to see him looking so great.  HH

Totally freaked out how good and in shape Big Kev,Scott"amazing",XPac are in, with Hollywood we could rule the world again or take on any

Crew of tough guys brother HollywoodHH4Life"

He might very well be on to something. I'm sure Hogan is savvy enough to know that WWE needs a big name induction for their Hall Of Fame next year and the options are becoming increasingly limited.

Although The Hulkster was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2005, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman are not. With Ric Flair setting the precedent of being a two-time inductee in 2012 as part of the Four Horseman, inducting Hogan and The Wolfpack together as the nWo is seemingly inevitable and 2014 would be as good a year as any to do it, now that Hall has turned his life around and is finally sober.

Hogan also knows that Hall, Nash and Waltman are all tight with Triple H, so riding their coattails again is the politically easiest way to get his foot in the door, and we all know that if he can do that, then the inevitable huge pop for his return will guarantee him more WWE appearances in the future.

So, Cagesiders, would you be down with the nWo running wild in WWE for one last time?

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