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Ryback might have the best pro wrestling Twitter

THE BIG GUY is at his best on his Twitter account.

Anton Jackson at Wikimedia Commons

Considering the emphasis WWE puts on social media, you would think there would be plenty of wildly entertaining Twitter accounts of pro wrestlers under the company umbrella. Unfortunately, that's not really the case. Typically, tweets are done with too heavy a lean on kayfabe or guys spend far too much time obnoxiously putting themselves over.

Or, worse, endlessly retweeting fans who do it for them.

One wrestler, however, has an incredibly entertaining Twitter: Ryback, or, better yet, THE BIG GUY. Sure, he goes off the handle and posts like he has no business sense in relation to the company he works for and its stated goals, but he's also hilariously insane.

Just get in on these tweets:

I mean, what the hell is he even talking about?

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