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John Cena cleared by WWE doctors to compete at Hell In A Cell

According to Bryan Alvarez of, John Cena has indeed been cleared by WWE's doctors to return at Hell in a Cell, despite having been expected to be on the disabled list for another 2-3 months recovering from his recent triceps surgery.

John Cena - a medical miracle or taking ill advised shortcuts?
John Cena - a medical miracle or taking ill advised shortcuts?
Matthew Stockman

John Cena's new nickname should be The Medical Miracle, given the amount of times he's defeated the prognoses of his physicians to return to the ring from a serious injury early. For the super healing Cena, he's come back from a torn pec in less than four months and surgery to repair a herniated disk in his neck in less time than that.

Now, he's scheduled to beat the odds again by taking only two months out to recover from a torn tricep, a malady that was expected to keep him on the shelf for two to three times as long.

Indeed, WWE shocked the wrestling world by announcing on Monday Night Raw last night John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at Hell In A Cell in less than two weeks time.

Such an amazing turnaround from initial projections led to the obvious speculation that this must be another swerve from a creative team that have become addicted to them of late, but that's not the case here, as, according to Bryan Alvarez, he's been given the green light to compete in two weeks by the WWE medical staff:

"Apparently John Cena was cleared by WWE's doctors to return at Hell in a Cell, which just sounds astonishing given he underwent triceps surgery in late August."

This, once again, calls into question the WWE's Wellness Policy, especially as it is applied to their top stars. It's hard to believe that Cena's rehabilitation could be so speedy without the use of steroids banned by that policy and the abuse of alcohol and prescription painkillers to relieve his suffering once he starts back in the ring.

It also seems suspicious that Cena is almost instantly cleared as soon as it became known that SummerSlam 2013 had the worst buyrate in 16 years and ratings crashed to similar rock bottom levels in the face of stiff Monday Night Football competition.

Memorably, Hulk Hogan criticized Vince McMahon business philosophy of "ride the horse until it drops, shoot it, then eat the horse" on Larry King Live in 1999. It seems like history is repeating itself again here and just like with The Hulkster, Vince may find it very difficult to replace his top stallion once he eventually breaks down for good.

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