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Big Show is banned from WWE for life

Triple H has officially banned Big Show from WWE for life. So expect to see him back on "Raw" next Monday.

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Although it was played at the SmackDown taping last night in Tampa, Florida, for the show set to air this coming Friday night (Nov. 1) on SyFy, has released its weekly interview with Triple H. In it, he drops a BIG bombshell.

Big Show is banned from WWE for life.

From the interview, which you can watch by clicking here:

"I'm supposed to be concerned with Big Show's frivilous lawsuit and David Otunga's irrelevent opinion? These the hard hitting questions you want to ask me, Geraldo? Huh? You want some breaking news? You want breaking news? How about this: As of this moment, as of this moment, the Big Show is banned from the WWE for life."

So, really, we'll see Show back at Raw on Monday. He was banned once and drove a semi into the arena, then he just casually walked out another night -- with entrance music and everything -- like he had the run of the place. There's no reason to believe he'll miss any actual time here.

The question now is how soon they reveal how it's been possible for Show to do all that. Hey, isn't Vince McMahon expected back soon?


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