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Jake Roberts is still campaigning for a spot in the Royal Rumble next year

Jake Roberts is still thinking of making a comeback in WWE and he's still shooting for a spot in the "Royal Rumble" early next year. In fact, he wants YOUR signature to help make it happen!

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Remember back in May when stories were being done on Diamond Dallas Page's "Accountability Crib" and how it's been such a smashing success that Jake Roberts was hoping to parlay it into a WWE return? And do you remember how the goal was to get "The Snake" in shape enough to be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble next year?

He's still campaigning for it.

In fact, Roberts is circulating a petition to get signatures to help out. A bit from it:

Jake has given the fans so much of himself in the ring over the course of his decades spent in the business, let's give back to him and show our appreciation by voicing our support for the next stage in his journey! Let's show WWE that we fans want to see this. Send your mail to WWE, post about this on every kind of social network imaginable, tell your friends and their friends, AND SIGN THIS PETITION! Let's show WWE that we won't shut up until Jake Roberts is in the Royal Rumble!

The goal is 1,000 signatures and as of this writing, 726 have offered their assistance. I'm not sure why 1,000 is what is being asked for, but that's the number and you can help him get there by clicking here.

WWE hasn't outwardly responded to any of this, but rumors suggest a lack of interest. That could change, of course, and Roberts, if he gets himself in good enough shape, could find himself with a quick pop as a surprise entrant before heading to New Orleans for a Hall of Fame induction and one final bow at WrestleMania XXX.

Sound good to you?

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