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WWE pay-per-view schedule for 2014

Check out the schedule of pay-per-views (PPV) for 2014, as released by WWE in its superstar calendar.

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WWE recently released a superstar calender for 2014 that includes a full blown poster for each month of the year. It's actually a pretty sweet little gimmick and if you've got the spare change (it's only $10) you can pick one up yourself by clicking here.

But we're not here to shill for WWE Shop. No, instead we're here to relay what others have already picked up on: the fact that this calendar reveals the full schedule of pay-per-view (PPV) dates for next year.

They are:

Jan. 26 (Royal Rumble)
Feb. 23 (Elimination Chamber)
April 6 (WrestleMania XXX)
May 4 (Extreme Rules)
June 1 (TBA)
June 29 (TBA)
July 20 (Money in the Bank)
Aug. 17 (SummerSlam)
Sept. 21 (Night of Champions)
Oct. 26 (Hell in a Cell)
Nov. 23 (Survivor Series)
Dec. 14 (TLC)

As you can see, June gets two shows next year as opposed to October. The above listed events are operating under the assumption that changes won't be made to the traditional line-up. One of those June events could be the second edition of Payback, which began this year, and the other could be Battleground, which also began this year. Or, of course, WWE could decide to reach back into its past and utilize one of those wonderful WCW show names like Bash at the Beach for a nice little blast from the past.

Or, to really satisfy a nostalgic fanbase, the promotion could once again offer King of the Ring, which always used to take place in the month of June.

We won't know for sure until quite a while, so don't go getting your hopes up but that's the schedule for next year, folks.

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