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WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee cleared to return to wrestling

AJ's back, and she's ready to go.

Last night's (Oct. 14, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw saw AJ Lee slap the Black Widow on Brie Bella after Tamina Snuka was finished destroying Daniel Bryan's bride-to-be. And while WWE has certainly allowed recently concussed wrestlers to work before, it's typically in non-physical angles that require physical exertion.

Obviously, that wasn't the case here and the reason is simple: AJ was cleared by doctors to return to active wrestling before the show.

That's according to Lee was never actually diagnosed with a concussion but was in bad shape with concussion like symptoms following her match against Bella at Battleground last week. It was bad enough that she was sent home from Pittsburgh and temporarily put on the shelf.

But now she's back to her old, crazy ways.

This likely means Brie will indeed be getting a title shot at Hell in a Cell and if the rumor mill is on point, a title change could be coming. Really, the PPV could end with Bryan and Brie in the ring celebrating with the Divas title and the WWE championship, respectively.

We shall see. Either way, AJ Lee is back in your lives. Be happy for that.

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