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Wade Barrett may be getting another gimmick change and a new push

This could mean exactly what you may be thinking it could mean.

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As mentioned by Eric B. Stephen in today's (Oct. 1, 2013) Rumor Roundup, word is floating around that Wade Barrett, who has been absent from WWE television for a number of weeks now, could be in the shop for a repackaging and a fresh coat of paint. He's gone through a number of gimmick changes throughout his relatively brief career with the company, but none of them have managed to stick.

The Wrestling Observer:

There's been talk of a character remake and a push to Wade Barrett. They desperately need a few new guys in the top mix.

God Save the Queen didn't work. Shoot fighter didn't work. Rugged street brawler didn't work. So what might the creative brain trust do to finally get him over?







"I've got some bad news."

Yes, Cagesiders, it's now possible WWE could pull the trigger and deliver us Bad News Barrett. He's been relegated to the JBL & Cole Show so far, delivering bad news to the likes of poor Zack Ryder, JBL, and many others.

A couple examples. First up is Ryder (starting at the 5:15 mark):

And JBL (starting at the 5:00 mark):

You Cagesiders all seem to be in agreement that Bad News Barrett is the way to go with his character change, if he is indeed getting one. It is, after all, one of the only entertaining things he's done since hopping aboard the WWE train.

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