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John Cena goes over on Fred Flintstone in latest WWE Fruity Pebbles promotion

John Cena is once again going to be gracing the cover of millions of Fruity Pebbles boxes but this time he's booting Fred Flintstone and keeping it all for himself.

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Those chants that started last year thanks to The Rock using the popular Post brand cereal as an insult actually ended up resulting in John Cena, the man the insults were directed at, getting a promotional deal and being featured as a supporting character on millions of boxes of Fruity Pebbles.

Now, he's taking the entire box for himself.

That's right, folks, John Cena is going over clean on Fred Flintstone. has more:

The WWE's John Cena is about to lay the smackdown on Fred Flintstone, booting the prehistoric cartoon character from Fruity Pebbles boxes. ... "We've just been talking with kids. They wanted more variety," said Sharon Pupel, a Post marketing director. "Fred isn't necessarily the ... coolest or [most] relevant guy for kids who we are going after."

This time around, Cena will be featured on four million boxes of both Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles, whereas last year he was only featured on three million. This isn't the only deal between the companies either, as future promotional pushes are reportedly planned.

Cena himself is already getting started pushing this on his Twitter account.

"Ahhh the #fightingfruitypebble is BACK!!!!!"

Could this signify that Cena will once again be working with The Rock leading into and at WrestleMania 29? That remains to be seen and you can draw your own conclusions on that but at the very least, this Fruity Pebbles thing isn't going away anytime soon.

Poor Fred Flintstone.

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