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Kevin Nash rambles on Twitter on never going back to TNA, not showing up at Raw's 20th Anniversary

Sometimes Kevin Nash gets to rambling on Twitter and it's almost always a site to behold. This time, he says he's never going back to TNA and he won't be at Raw's 20th Anniversary show.

Photo by Luigi Novi

Every now and again, Kevin Nash will get to rambling on his Twitter account on whatever issue is being brought up to him at any given time. Just last night, that included all the usual big topics.

Let's see what we've got:

"I know the NWO is never coming back,I would never put my body thru what I have again. My love is to work when I want,Thanks WWE ... Still enjoy getting in the ring and doing shows,when I want to.The WWE is a young mans game.Nothing left to prove.Move on to a new goal. ... would never go back to TNA ... Will not be on Raw's 20th ... HHH is like a brother to me, If he needs anything I would do it.Going back to TNA would break a trust.Love Dixie and their crew. WWE made me."

How amazing is it that even all these years later, Nash is still bringing up the New World Order (nWo) like it's his calling card and any idea of bringing it back has to include him? The former point may be true but not so much the latter. He's right anyway; the nWo is (rightfully) dead.

It makes sense he wouldn't be going back to TNA but don't be so sure about his claims he won't be at Monday Night Raw's 20th Anniversary show on Jan. 14 in Houston. WWE doesn't have to use him, of course, but can you imagine how effective it would be to have The Shield take him out with all the natural associations fans would make in the process?

That's just easy booking.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Should WWE make that call and book an angle with old "Big Sexy?"

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