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GIF: Kofi Kingston chair hops his way back into the Royal Rumble match

For the second year in a row, Kofi Kingston made a spectacular save during the Royal Rumble match last night (Sun., Jan. 27, 2013) in Phoenix. Check out the GIF right here. It's awesome.

Reckless Dream Photography via Wikimedia Commons

In the same vein that big surprise returns has become an annual tradition in the Royal Rumble, it's becoming a tradition to have one of the entrants in said Rumble make a spectacular save to stay in the match. We saw it with John Morrison using parkour to keep himself in a couple years ago, and we saw it last year with Kofi Kingston doing a handstand and walking over to the steps without his feet ever touching the floor.

And now this year, Kofi did it again. From the fine folks at SB Nation (check out their coverage here) comes the GIF you won't stop watching. It's sped up because it look quite a while for Kofi to get to the ring from the chair:


That's amazing. Like, super crazy fun time.

What makes stuff like this so awesome is the potential for failure. That chair very well could have gotten away from Kofi and he would have fallen on his ass and been eliminated and looked ridiculously silly in the process. And this GIF would live on forever for an entirely different reason.

But he pulled it off.

What's even better is I don't believe this was originally the plan. At first, Kingston appeared as though he was actually going to attempt jumping from the announce table to the ring. Once he gauged the distance between the two, he had to improvise, at which point he asked JBL for his chair and hopped his way to the ring.

Fittingly, he was eliminated by Cody Rhodes and his Beautiful Disaster Kick about five seconds later. Still, this was great fun and now Kofi has an entire year to think about how he'll one up himself.

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