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Video: The final episode of WWE 'Are You Serious' featuring Muppet Triple H

Yet another finale from the WWE YouTube channel, as the super popular "Are You Serious" brings us its final episode featuring the always hilarious Muppet Triple H.

Santino's Foreign Exchange ending is one thing but "Are You Serious" is going away too? This might be too much to take.

Sadly, it seems this will be the end of the Sunday special WWE brought us on YouTube each week featuring a confined Road Dogg Jesse James and Josh Matthews being forced to sit through video clips of hot garbage -- or garbage juice, as they would call it -- from the illustrious WWE tape library.

So here's the final episode, which gets hijacked by the beloved Muppet Triple H.

The potentially good news is that this show could make a comeback, depending on the WWE Network or if the company strikes another deal with YouTube. In fact, the "Are You Serious" Twitter account has been lobbying for fans to show support so the show doesn't get the ax:

If this marks the end, it's a sad day indeed. Enjoy it while you can, Cagesiders.

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