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Video: The last episode of Santino's Foreign Exchange starring the great Yoshi Tatsu

With WWE's contract with YouTube coming to a close, a few shows have gotten the ax. One of those shows is "Santino's Foreign Exchange," and you can watch the final episode -- starring the great Yoshi Tatsu -- right here.

Sadly, this is the end, my friends.

WWE has had its one year contract with YouTube come up and while it's expected a new deal will come to be in the very near future, a few shows are getting the ax either way. That includes Santino's Foreign Exchange, a lighthearted and fun view of the pro wrestling world with our resident funny guy himself, Santino Marella.

He's not around to play host for this last episode, however. No, an injury knocked him out and for one show only, the great Yoshi Tatsu took over to hilarious results.

Check it out and enjoy, because it's (probably) never coming back.

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