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Royal Rumble 2013 betting odds: John Cena and The Rock favored

Believe it or not, there are sports books that will take bets on the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble event on Sun., Jan. 27, 2013, in Phoenix, Arizona, like 5Dimes. Let's take a look at the current odds.

J. Meric

As unbelievably silly as it may seem, there are indeed sports books who will let you wager on a WWE event. The latest is the Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for Sun., Jan. 27, 2013, at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The show features the Rumble match itself, CM Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE championship, Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show for the world heavyweight championship, Team Hell No vs. The Rhodes Scholars for the tag team championships, and Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz for the United States championship.

5Dimes has odds for each of the above matches save for Cesaro vs. Miz and they are as follows:

CM Punk (+400)
The Rock (-600)

It's been expected since the moment he announced he would be returning for a WWE championship match at Royal Rumble that Rock would win the title before losing it at WrestleMania 29. It's possible we get a swerve and he gets the title at a later date but if they want maximum exposure to build it up, they'll do it here.

Alberto Del Rio (-1850)
Big Show (+900)

I wouldn't be shocked at all to see Big Show win the world heavyweight championship back just a couple weeks after losing it if only because we've seen that very scenario happen to Del Rio before. I don't think they'll do it here because they have enough going on elsewhere that ratings panic doesn't exist at the moment. Del Rio should be golden here.

Team Hell No (+600)
The Rhodes Scholars (-1200)

This line surprises me because I wouldn't think it that obvious that a title switch should happen here. It's not like Kane and Daniel Bryan have lost any momentum and if WWE wanted to, they could probably get another three or four months of mileage out of the two as a tag team. But the plan is likely to break them up and have them feud and there's no better place for that to happen than WrestleMania. If that is indeed the plan, the right time to plant the seeds are at the Rumble, which unofficially kicks off the "Road to WrestleMania."

John Cena win the Royal Rumble (-175)
Anyone else wins the Royal Rumble (+140)

This is just funny. Logic and reasoning often fail in pro wrestling but there is absolutely nothing to suggest Cena won't win the Rumble to set up his next WWE championship victory at WrestleMania 29, likely going over The Rock and having the passing of the torch moment the company has so badly wanted for so long. Like last year taught us, though, a swerve could be coming, if only for the sake of a swerve.

Any of you Cagesiders crazy enough to put some money down here?

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