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Zack Ryder actually does something funny involving WWE

Hey look at this, Zack Ryder's incessant whining over his treatment in WWE has actually produced something that might give you a chuckle.

Simon from United Kingdom

Zack Ryder has become the absolute worst version of himself. Disgruntled at his treatment within WWE, he has taken to complaining incessantly on Facebook and Twitter that he's been buried by the company and it's just not fair.

After all, he only created his own YouTube show that became extremely popular with no help from the promotion (which isn't true at all, but whatever) and got himself over with little to no time on TV.

He's right to an extent, as he's proven to be popular in big markets like New York, where the Madison Square Garden faithful all but demanded he be pushed and given a title. That title ended up being the United States championship but he jobbed it out to Jack Swagger not long after going through a humiliating program with Kane, John Cena, and Eve Torres, and now he's working Superstars on a consistent basis.

Or getting killed dead by Big Show.

Today marks a first, though. This could be the only time Ryder has ever used his tireless whining to produce a bit of comedy. From his Twitter:

The pictures he linked to:



Well played, sir.

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