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WWE may be overhauling its YouTube channel with new and improved shows

It seems WWE has some plans for its YouTube channel that may include dumping old shows like "Download" and creating a few new ones that could have been earmarked for the WWE Network that still hasn't got off the ground.

Some big changes appear to be on the way for WWE's YouTube channel. It started with a tweet from Dolph Ziggler saying the episode of "Download" airing today would be the last of the series.* This seemed to come out of nowhere but also put up a poll asking what kind of programming fans want to see on the YouTube channel going forward.

The choices are (and you can still vote, so click here to do so):

- Behind-the-scenes footage and backstage interviews
- "Best of" video rankings and countdowns
- Superstar hosted reality shows
- Profiles of superstars lives outside the ring and/or at home
- Ring action recaps and highlight reels
- WWE themed game shows with fan contestants
- Superstar hosted fitness and exercise shows
- Animated WWE shows/WWE cartoons
- Classic full length WWE matches
- WWE news center/live fan call-in show

I actually think every single one of those shows a lot of promise and would love to see the end result on each and every one, were they to ever go into production.

What makes this so interesting, as noted by, is the fact that these were all ideas being pitched for the WWE Network that is seemingly still on the backburner and may never actually get off the ground. YouTube has proven to be a money winner while the Network would take years before ever becoming profitable, and that's a best case scenario.

The YouTube exclusive shows they've been doing were thought to be a test run and they've done well. But WWE may have decided to simply expand on that while plans for the Network continue to be fleshed out.

Or forgotten about. Whatever works.

*Editor's note: It's not, as cleared up here.

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