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Tyson Kidd hopes to make WWE return in six months after knee surgery

Tyson Kidd recently underwent knee surgery to correct multiple tears that are expected to have him sidelined for up to 10 months. But he's hoping to work his way back to WWE in just six.

Anton Jackson

It's only been a matter of weeks since Tyson Kidd suffered an unfortunate knee injury at a WWE house show while upholding his "workhorse" reputation that no one really knew he had until CM Punk dropped that term in a pipe bomb on Monday Night Raw.

It's just too bad Kidd never got the chance to capitalize on it.

That's because he had to have knee surgery with famed Dr. James Andrews to repair tears in his meniscus, ACL and MCL. The initial prognosis had him out for up to 10 months but he's set on living up to his name and making his return to WWE in just six months time.

From a story updating his progression:

"Dr. Andrews told me I was very close to dislocating my knee. A dislocated knee that would need surgery - which I'm sure mine would have, because it would have ruptured tendons and ligaments - would require more than a year of recovery time. Dr. Andrews had no idea how I wrestled the next day. I took that as a compliment. ... [After surgery], doctors gave me a high-ball [recovery time] estimate of seven to nine months, but my goal at this stage is that I'm going to be back in six. They say that 15 percent of recovery is the surgery itself, and the rest of the healing is in your rehab. I'm going to kick right through this thing and come back better than I've ever been."

If he can manage to pull that off, it will be one impressive feat. But will fans have forgotten what Punk said about him? Will fans be willing to finally help get him over for all his years of hard work?

For that matter, will WWE bother to try to capitalize on the entire situation.

All we can do now is stay tuned and hope he recovers just as quick as he hopes to. If anyone can do it, it's Tyson Kidd.

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