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WWE Power Rankings? ESPN has you covered

Scripted or not, ESPN is in the power rankings business and they've rolled it out for WWE as well.

Joern Pollex

Here's a novel concept: power rankings in pro wrestling.

ESPN actually does cover WWE on an infrequent basis and they do a solid job with Jon Robinson usually leading the charge. It was while perusing his stuff that I came across his power rankings for WWE as of Jan., 15, 2013.

The idea is intriguing. Robinson mixes kayfabe and reality to establish a power structure on the roster. At a glance, this seems silly because of the scripted nature of the show but you can rank actors for how talented they are while ignoring the characters they play.

Or something like that.

The mixing of kayfabe complicates matters but I think the idea is mostly sound. So let's take a look at Robinson's top 10. Click here to read his detailed analysis for each choice:

1. CM Punk
2. The Rock
3. Dolph Ziggler
4. Alberto Del Rio
5. John Cena
6. Ryback
7. Antonio Cesaro
8. The Miz
9. The Shield
10. Mick Foley

I strongly disagree with Miz at number eight and Foley at 10 is a gimmick choice but I can get on board with the rest.

What do you Cagesiders think?

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