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Superstar Billy Graham responds to Chris Jericho calling him a mark: We're all marks for someone

After Chris Jericho called Superstar Billy Graham a mark for getting upset at a CM Punk promo on Monday Night Raw, you knew it would only be a matter of time before the WWE Hall of Famer responded. Here he goes.

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You thought this was over? It's not over. Not when we're dealing with entertainers who have a public forum to air their grievances in promos.

Such is the case with bitter rivals Chris Jericho and Superstar Billy Graham. They've been going back and forth since Jericho wrote a few less than flattering words in his book and Graham responded with a promo complete with written notes on how he wants to rip Jericho's tongue out and make him choke to death on his own blood.

Their issues reignited recently when Graham got upset at CM Punk for disparaging Bruno Sammartino in a recent promo on Monday Night Raw. He posted a long status update on Facebook that Jericho responded to by calling him a mark.

Such a put down in the pro wrasslin' business.

Now, Graham has responded to Jericho's response. It might surprise you:

Mr Jericho sir,

I won't say Dear Chris because I know you hate me with the utter most hatred.

Addressing your quote about me, "And stop being such a mark" The truth is, I believe everyone is a mark for someone or something at some point in their life. For instance, I am a total mark for Bob Dylan. The man has written over 600 songs and I saw him in person here in Phoenix last year. He had never sounded better at the age of 70! Fans are marks for the upcoming Super Bowl, The World Series, The NBA championship playoffs, and Nascar to name just a few examples.

In pro wrestling I am a mark for Triple H and proud to admit it for numerous reasons. He had a great hard earned physique, he had enormous charisma and an in ring presence that was unmatched. I remember sitting on the front row at a PPV here in Phoenix and his opponent gave him a sling shot into the post. I had my eyes fixed on him because I was curious about how he was going to do the blade job. As soon as his head hit the post he started bleeding, I did not see him cut himself and he was right in front of me, just a few feet away! Back in the locker room we were sitting next to each other and I asked him, "Brother, how did you cut your head, as you started bleeding immediately?" He said, " Superstar, I cut my head right before it hit the post." I marked out at that very moment, what a pro that man was and still could be if he wanted to be.

In closing I hope that answers your statement to me regarding "being such a mark." And your quote to me about "Shutting the hell up" I won't even address that because what I do best is CUT PROMOS!!!

Superstar Billy Graham


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