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WWE names the top 10 Royal Rumble eliminations in history

What are the 10 best eliminations in the history of the Royal Rumble? WWE lists them off and we would love to hear if you agree with them or not.

We love countdown style lists like this and WWE frequently obliges us with something timely and interesting every few weeks or so. The latest is a top 10 of the best eliminations in the history of the Royal Rumble match.

That's guaranteed fun, right? Let's check 'em out:

10. Demolition dumps Andre the Giant in 1990
9. Beth Phoenix kisses Great Khali out of the ring in 2010
8. Booker T spinarooni leads to a Stunner from Steve Austin in 2002
7. Santino Marella is clotheslined out by Kane in one second in 2009
6. Hulk Hogan big boots Nasty Boy Knobbs in 1991
5. Kane chokeslams Sabu through a table in 2007
4. Snitsky destroys Paul London in 2005
3. Shawn Michaels dumps both Vader and Yokozuna in 1996
2. Brock Lesnar F-5's Matt Hardy in 2003
1. Maven dropkicks Undertaker out in 2002

That's actually a pretty good list and one I'm having a hard time finding issue with. Cagesiders, you see any glaring omissions here?

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