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Zack Ryder actually killed Z! True Long Island Story in this one last glorious episode (Video)

This is the end, my friends. Zack Ryder kills Z! True Long Island Story with this one last glorious episode.

He did it, you guys. He actually did it. Zack Ryder actually killed Z! True Long Island Story, the show that took him from a jobber no one knew anything about to a cult sensation who won the U.S. championship.

And he did it in this one glorious episode.

This show has seen its ups and downs. When he had the wheel and was given free reign, it alternated between cute but harmless to downright entertaining but once it moved over to the official WWE YouTube channel, it just wasn't the same. That could be because it coincided with his sudden change of fortune on television, losing the U.S. title and getting shot back down the card to compete in meaningless matches on Superstars, a program that doesn't even have a television deal in the United States.

In the final episode, Ryder is killed by Dolph Ziggler, his arch nemesis throughout the show's run, before heading up to heaven where John Morrison -- who died when his limo blew up however many episodes ago -- sells him on why it's so much better, mostly because "You don't have to take bumps in heaven, the gyms and tanning salons are open 24/7, and Bieber is on repeat."

Ultimately, he wakes up and thinks he was just dreaming the entire series, as told to his dad and two buddies Chiappetta and the Big O.

"Oh my god, guys, I just had the craziest dream. You were there, you were there, and you were there too. I started this YouTube show, Z! True Long Island Story. I got over in the WWE. I was the Internet champion. I became the United States champion, I had a WrestleMania match. Then WWE just buried me. What a crazy dream, bro, almost like a nightmare."

He's then told it was all real and all that actually happened but everyone is better off for it.

The end.

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