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Kelly Kelly on potential return to WWE: You never know

Kelly Kelly may be gone from WWE but you know what they say about professional wrestling being like the mafia. So what are the chances of her coming back?

When WWE Divas started dropping like flies not long ago, fleeing the promotion in droves, Kelly Kelly followed suit. On top of feeling the pinch from the company wanting to lock her down and get its piece of the pie in any of her outside endeavors, she was reportedly also dealing with neck issues.

Considering her age and wear and tear, it led her to bail on the business. But that doesn't mean a return is out of the picture. She talked about life away from the ring and a possible return in a recent interview with the Poughkeepsie Journal:

"Yeah, I'm just kind of doing my own stuff under my real name. My calendar and my posters. Just getting stuff out that I've wanted to do for a long time. Getting into modeling. There's a lot of things coming, so we'll see what happens. ... You never know (about wrestling again). Right now, I'm kind of healing my neck that was kind of a problem for a while. Just resting up and you never know."

Kelly was popular while she was with WWE, often getting the most time on television because she fit the mold of what top executives think women in pro wrestling are supposed to be. She's got the look, but that also means she's got value outside of wrestling where she won't have to take bumps that screw up her neck and lead to problems later in life.

Of course, it's smart to keep the door open for a possible return in the event things don't work out as well as planned.

Any Cagesiders out there missing K2?

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