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Video: John Cena commemorates 10 years strong in WWE (Part 2)

Believe it or not, John Cena is over a decade into his WWE run and he's still going strong. WWE is commemorating that with a video series with the man himself looking back on his illustrious career. Here's part two.

WWE recently commemorated John Cena's 10 years strong in the company with a video series celebrating his career. You can watch part one here and part two is above.

Here's an interesting quote from the vid:

"I just do the best I can do. I hate the word like 'the face of the company, flag bearer' I hate that. I'm just the best that I can be and I take great pride in the fact that people want to come after me and I'm always ready for a fight. I'm me, I'm the best me I can be, and we've put together a pretty decent 10 years. I'm hoping for 10 more."

What a complete load of bullshit. It's also funny WWE uploaded this video to YouTube on the same day a former employee decided to shoot on Cena on Twitter and reveal he's not nearly as nice as everyone likes to think.

And it's not even close to the first time we've heard that.

Anyway, he's here, he's here to stay, and he's here to rule the top of the card. Deal with it, I guess.

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