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Ric Flair wants to wrestle for WWE again

Ric Flair put TNA in his rearview mirror and is now once again looking forward to going back to WWE to wrestle again. Wait ... what?!?

Ric Flair returned to WWE at the Slammy Awards on Dec. 17, 2012, and it didn't take but a single segment to get him involved in a physical angle that saw him brawling and locking on his trademark figure four leglock on Paul Heyman. He didn't go too crazy but after everything that happened with Jerry Lawler just a few short months ago, it was enough to make one cringe in anticipation of what could happen, even if it was a long shot that it ever would.

But while he's not officially signed to a new contract just yet, he told Mark Madden of 105.9 The X recently that he's looking forward to going back to WWE after putting TNA behind him.

Oh, and he wants to wrestle again.

"Oh god, I loved it. You know I love the business ... and I was so rewarded that they gave me an opportunity to come back. And whatever's gone on with TNA and all that is behind me now and I'm in a real good place with them and happy and looking forward to going back to work again.

"Well, I wanted to wrestle but they told me I never could but I think I basically wrestled last Monday night (at the Slammy Awards) didn't I? I think they do (want to stick to the retirement stipulation from the Shawn Michaels match at WrestleMania) but the business is the business. A lot of times right now, as we all know, what's old is new."

After Lawler's incident, you would think WWE would play it as safe as possible with its older performers but you have to remember this company is run by Vince McMahon and he's basically a psycho. McMahon is four years older than Lawler and still went out and wrestled a hard match with CM Punk that saw him taking unnecessarily dangerous bumps in response to poor ratings.

It should be noted that Flair's segment on Raw was the highest rated of the show.

That's not to say WWE will allow "The Nature Boy" to wrestle again, though, as the company has been surprisingly adamant about fully enforcing the retirement stipulation they put on his WrestleMania 24 match with Shawn Michaels. You can certainly expect him to do physical angles like he did last week, though.

Is that a good thing? You decide, Cagesiders.

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