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Video: WWE superstars choose their 'Match of the Year' for 2012

What was the "Match of the Year" for 2012? Watch these WWE superstars give their picks.

When asked to give their picks for "Match of the Year" in 2012, these superstars had the following to say.

CM Punk: Punk vs. Jericho, Punk vs. Cena, Punk vs. Bryan

Michael McGillicutty: McGillicutty vs. Kidd on NXT

Justin Gabriel: Cena vs. Punk at Night of Champions

Paul Heyman: Cena vs. Punk at Night of Champions

Heath Slater: Slater vs. Doink the Clown on Raw

Gabriel is the only one who took the question seriously, which is actually pretty funny. Heyman's answer was best.

The best part about this? WWE released this video on the same day you Cagesiders began voting on the "Match of the Year" in our Year-End Awards. It's a close vote so far, essentially a three-way dance, and I encourage you to click here to go vote if you haven't already.

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