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The Miz on his babyface turn: I've done nothing different; maybe the fans are starting to understand me

The Miz gives the oddest answer ever when asked about his recent babyface turn, which has baffled fans the world over who can't figure out what's different about him. He provides the answer right here.

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Somewhere over the course of the last month, The Miz went from being a smarmy, cocky heel to being a smarmy, cocky babyface. He's not really being scripted as a babyface, inasmuch as he continues to cut all the same promos and act the exact same way that he did when he was a bad guy.

It's been absolutely baffling how he's gone from getting booed to cheered.

In an interview with the Carroll County Times, he attempts to explain and his answer is really odd:

"It's kind of weird because I've done nothing different. I'm still the same exact cocky, arrogant, egotistical person I was before, it's just now maybe the fans are starting to understand me and cheer me because, to me, I've never been a bad guy. I've always been a good guy. I've done what I've had to do to win like everybody else in the world, you know, when you want a job or a promotion, you go after it. And that's what I'm doing, I'm going after what I want. So that's what I've been doing and now I think the fans are actually getting behind it, saying, you know what, I like this guy. I know somebody like him. I'm a guy people can get behind if they understand me and I think they're starting to understand me."

Let's be real here; this is absolute bullshit. Utter and complete bullshit.

The reality of why he's been getting cheers is that WWE has stopped booking him against babyfaces and started booking him against heels. He's still a cocky prick, he's just being a cocky prick to other even bigger cocky pricks.

So they cheer.

The problem is the cheers are light, unenthusiastic reactions to his tired and worn schtick that is, quite frankly, impossible to sustain. There's no way in hell he can remain a babyface by continuing to act the way he does because, as he points out, we do all have a friend like him. And we kind of hate that fucking guy and can never figure out why we still hang out with him.

Eventually, you stop. Just like Miz is going to have to evolve into something more than an egotistical douche to continue as a babyface.

Me thinks it won't last. You?

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