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Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak is interesting again

For years now, Undertaker's annual match at WrestleMania has been a foregone conclusion with little to no intrigue surrounding it. That changes in a big way this year.

Steve Wright Jr. from Conway

For four years now, Undertaker's WrestleMania streak has taken a backseat of sorts. Over those years, he's faced just two opponents, both at the tail end of their careers. Shawn Michaels retired after his second match with "The Deadman" while Triple H had his two back-to-back bouts and is currently semi-retired, only coming out for a novelty act every now and again.

That's four straight WrestleMania matches that, while incredibly entertaining "Match of the Year" candidates, held little intrigue and wonder heading in. Fans knew the score. Undertaker would undoubtedly win but all involved would reach as deep down as possible to out-duel the other. They even came close to acknowledging as much in the storyline in the lead up to 'Taker vs. Trips this past year, that "The Game" couldn't get it done like "The Heartbreak Kid."

The reality is and was that he couldn't. And he didn't.

It seems now, though, that the demon from Death Valley has completely vanquished the old guard. Indeed, his last five WrestleMania opponents, dating all the way back to 2005, are now either retired (Michaels, Triple H, Edge, Batista) or have one foot out of the door (Mark Henry).

That's what makes his WrestleMania 29 match so intriguing.

It's time to find a fresh new challenger.

When Triple H announced Undertaker would be returning on Monday Night Raw this week, it brought with it the question of who he'll be taking on come April 7, 2013, in New Jersey. Some of you have broken down all the possible candidates, from WWE Champion CM Punk to John Cena to Daniel Bryan and even on down to a member of The Shield. Or maybe even all three.

The drama leading up to his decision may very well be more exciting than the actual match itself when it comes to be. That's something we haven't had in years and it's something you should be looking forward to.

This also might double as the first WrestleMania we can reasonably expect that the Streak might be broken. Undertaker isn't getting any younger and if they're going to pull the trigger on putting someone over and creating a new superstar (or megastar in the case of Punk, legend for all time in the case of Cena), the time could be now.

The admittedly unreliable rumor mill tells us 'Taker handpicked his opponent for next year. That doesn't mean he's going to lose but if he plans on doing so, it makes sense he would be the one to choose who gets the honor.

Even if he wins, the fact that we're in this situation gives us a lot to look forward to. In fact, WrestleMania season has never looked better.

It's not the return of The Rock or Brock Lesnar I'm looking forward to. It's who is chosen to attempt to break the streak and finding how if that lucky wrestler can actually do it.

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