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WWE Tribute to the Troops results and live blog for Dec. 19: The 10th Anniversary

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Dec. 19, 2012) WWE Tribute to the Troops special from Norfolk, Virginia, featuring performances from Kid Rock, Flo-Rida and even a little bit of pro wrestling!


Immediately following tonight's (Dec. 19, 2012) episode of Main Event on Ion Television at 8 p.m ET, the USA network will air a taped annual Tribute to the Troops special at 9 p.m. ET from the Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia.

And we'll have a live blog for both.

WWE is billing this as the 10th Anniversary of the holiday special and tonight's show will feature performances from Kid Rock and Flo-Rida with some good old professional wrestling thrown in.

It's not a show built on storyline advancement but it's generally a fun time.

So stop back in later tonight at 9 p.m. ET for the Tribute to the Troops live blog.



Nolan in.

Broadcast is live.

President Obama addresses the troops in a video.


Military tribute package to set the show up.


Michael Cole and JBL greet us.


Sheamus & Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big Show

Orton and Ziggler start.

Orton in firm control throughout the start of this match. Dropkick to Show and sends Ziggler outside. Sheamus attempts a Brogue Kick on Show, but he goes out.

The two walk up the ramp and seem to not care about the countout loss.

Booker T here.

He comes out and says that we will keep going until there is a decisive winner.

Who will prevail?

Find out after the break.

We are back and Orton has Ziggler up for the side slam. And he is brought down, giving Orton a nearfall.

Sheamus in and roughing Ziggler up in the corner. Ziggler fighting back with strikes and lands a dropkick. He goes over to tag Show, but Show jumps down to "check on his boots." Sheamus plants Ziggler and Ziggler goes to the apron. Ten forearms to chest connect. Ziggler falls in for a Sheamus nearfall.

Orton in and stomps the hand of Ziggler. Orton mounts Ziggler in the corner for ten right hands to the head. Ziggler sent into the corner and Orton eats an uppercut from Ziggler. Big Show with a headbutt from behind while the ref is distracted. Ziggler stomping Orton down. Ziggler with a dropkick for a nearfall.

Show in with a shot to the ribs of Orton. Headbutt puts Orton down. Show puts Orton into the corner and Orton ducks out. Orton's shoulder goes out on him and Show puts him down.

Ziggler in and Orton fights out of his submission.

Sheamus and big Show in. Sheamus putting Show into the corner. Shoulder bumps and running knee lift from Sheamus. Running axhandle by Sheamus. Sheamus up top and almost gets caught in a Chokeslam, but White Noise from Sheamus lands. Ziggler breaks the nearfall.

Ziggler eats an RKO. Big Show gets one, too. Brogue Kick time and it connects.

Sheamus wins it for his team.


Flo Rida next, so that means I'll get a break...kind of. My ears won't get a break though.


Fergie does a video package.

What is with these awful musicians?


USA Gymnastics Team does a video package.


Layla backstage.

The Muppets are watching Layla get ready. Gonzo is oblivious to her.

Layla teases them a bit before heading off.


Flo Rida performed "Let it Roll."



John Cena here to cut a promo.

This is the best reception he'll get all year.

He just talks the about the excitement this crowd brings and thanks the troops for what they do for us.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Ryback

Del Rio says we pay tribute to the troops, but he wants to acknowledge his best friend Ricardo Rodriguez's birthday. He wants the crowd to join him in singing "Happy Birthday."

Ryback interrupts.

Match starts and ADR with leg kicks and punches. ADR off the ropes and Ryback with a gorilla press and drops ADR. Ricardo on the apron and Ryback takes the bait. ADR with a shot to the back and working the leg and body kicks. Ryback down and cornered. ADR with a push kick to the knee. ADR choking Ryback in the corner with his boot. ADR charges, but Ryback blocking him down. And again. Running powerslam and Meathook Clothesline time.

Ricardo in the ring and he jumps on the back of Ryback.

Ryback wins by DQ.

Ricardo and ADR get a taste of the Meathook Clothesline.

ADR rolls outside and Ricardo is down in the middle of the ring.

Shell Shocked for him.

ADR tries a sneak attack, but he tastes the Shell Shocked, too.


Kid Rock up next.



Kid Rock performs "Let's Ride."

Sorry again.


More Muppet stuff backstage.

Apparently they will be the guests on Miz TV.

So...yeah. Ugh again.


Miz TV time.

For real, this is almost insulting to the troops. This is terrible.

Miz introduces us. Miz says that he is ready to expose his next guest and is ready to go if necessary.

Kermit the Frog is the first guest.

Miz wants the truth about him and Miss Piggy. Kermit says, for him, it is still don't ask, don't tell.

Miz introduces Miss Piggy. Miz asks if he loves Miss Piggy and will marry her. Kermit says that they are just a simple frog and lovely pig that care about each other.


Miz tells them that if that is the case, they should get married here and now.

Sandow says that this show has been an embarrassment. Sandow says that the troops are not inspired by Miss Piggy and that 78% of them have put Sandow's picture in their wallets. Sandow says he has no idea why anyone would want to marry Miss Piggy, except for Miz, since they are both obnoxious hams.

Miss Piggy is about to clock him, but Miz tells her that he will handle it and socks Sandow.

Sandow saved us.


Damien Sandow vs. The Miz

We are joined in progress and Sandow is putting the boots to Miz. Miz with an elbow to Sandow. He mounts Sandow in the corner and lands ten strikes to the head. Sandow on the apron and Miz ducks under him to bounce his head off the apron.

Miz drops Sandow on his head on the apron.

We go back inside, but Sandow with a kick to the head of Miz. Sandow unloading punishment and gets the Russian leg sweep. Elbow of Disdain lands for a nearfall.

Sandow locking the sleeper in. Miz out and gets a flapjack on Sandow. Clotheslines. Back bodydrop. Miz playing to the crowd and gets his backbreaker, but Sandow pushes him off and spears him. Running neckbreaker by Sandow gets him a nearfall.

Miz turns him over in a rollup and gets the win.

Miz goes up to talk to the Muppets. He asks permission to kiss Miss Piggy from Kermit, but Miss Piggy turns it into a tonsil hockey session.


Flo Rida encore up next.



Miami Heat video package.


Katie Couric video package.


Flo Rida performing "Wild Ones."

Good lord.


Recap of the history of Tribute to the Troops.


Team Hell No backstage and they want to talk about their tag team partner tonight.

Bryan wants Little Jimmy and Kane says that he likes the way he thinks.

R-Truth says Little Jimmy's cousin Ugly Freda finally found someone to marry her and he is at the airport, so he will tag with them.

Team Hell No isn't excited and Kane blames Bryan. Bryan screams "NO!" and Animal screams "YES!" They argue and Animal tells "Goatface" that he is leaving.

A goat comes up and says, "Cousin Daniel?"

Ha, that was actually okay.


R-Truth & Team Hell No vs. 3MB

Drew McIntyre and R-Truth start.

Drew in control, but Truth with a slap to the face.

Bryan with a forearm to Drew. Body kicks to Drew. Bryan floats over and Drew kicks him in the chest.

Slater in and he is stomping on Bryan.

Mahal in and he gets a knee to the chest of Bryan. Nearfall.

Chin lock by Mahal in. Bryan fights out. Mahal tries a side slam, but Bryan gets out and gets a clothesline.

Kane and Slater in and Kane beating him from pillar to post. Corner clotheslines and sidewalk slam get Kane a nearfall.

Kane up top and lands the flying clothesline. Kane puts McIntyre down outside. Bryan with a running knee on the apron to take him out. Slater and Mahal double teaming Kane.

Truth makes the blind tag and Kane with a chokeslam on Mahal. Truth hits the Little Jimmy on Heath Slater to take home the victory.


Kid Rock encore next.


Kid Rock performed.

It just gets worse.


Antonio Cesaro backstage with Josh Mathews.

He says this event would never happen in Switzerland because of their neutrality. He says that is why Switzerland is the best country in the world and he will show everyone that he is a superior Swiss.


Antonio Cesaro vs. John Cena

The Muppets take their place to introduce John Cena.

Cesaro locks in the side headlock on Cena. Cena sends him off the ropes to hit the hip toss.

Cesaro wants nothing to do with this and tries to leave, but Cena brings him back in to land a bulldog. Cesaro with some strikes to turn the tide here. Cesaro sends Cena hard into the ropes. Cesaro with a headbutt to put Cena outside.

Cena puts Cesaro's head into the announce table. He tries to put Cesaro into the steps, but Cesaro gets the reversal.

Nearfall inside.

Karelin throw from Cesaro earns him a nearfall.

Cesaro locks in a choke and Cena fights out. Exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring. Cena goes off the ropes with the shoulder tackles. Side slam. Five Knuckle Shuffle.

AA lands for Cena and he wins clean.


The entire WWE roster comes out to thank the troops.

Cena has the mic and he does a bit of the same.

The troops are pleased and Cena has one more thing to bring out.

WWE Superstars dressed as reindeer carry Santa into the ring on his sleigh.

Gifts and shirts being sent into the crowd.

Celebration as we fade to black.


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