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TLC results: R-Truth suffers NASTY cut on his knee (Graphic pic)

The picture you are about to see is not for the weak of stomach or the feint of heart. It's a NASTY gash on R-Truth's knee that he suffered at WWE TLC last night (Dec. 16, 2012) in Brooklyn.

Shamsuddin Muhammad

You've been fairly warned, Cagesiders. The picture you are about to see is disgusting and nasty and hard to look at, kind of fascinating, but seriously HOLY SHIT LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO R-TRUTH'S KNEE DURING HIS MATCH WITH ANTONIO CESARO AT TLC LAST NIGHT.


Truth himself tweeted the picture of the injury he suffered at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. As our own Nolan Howell so succinctly put it, "his knee done got got."


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