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WWE 'TLC' Preview: Team Hell No & Ryback vs. The Shield TLC Match

TLC Match: Team Hell No & Ryback vs. The Shield

Will the cunning nature of The Shield be able to defeat the fury within Team Hell No's Daniel Bryan & Kane and their tag team partner Ryback? With tables, ladders, and chairs involved, who will come out on top?

The road to TLC

WWE Champion CM Punk took on Ryback at Survivor Series. While Ryback was in control and en route to capturing the gold, NXT prospects Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns made their presence felt by slamming Ryback through the announce table to allow Punk to retain.

The stable known as The Shield had arrived.

CM Punk went down with injury during a Miz TV segment that The Shield helped save him from. With that, Ryback and previous Shield victims Team Hell No were thrust into the spotlight against The Shield in one of the most dangerous matches in WWE history.

The Shield have made their presence felt on the likes of Randy Orton and Team Hell No. Will their impact give them momentum to carry over into this match?

What's at stake?

The Shield has this invincible quality about them, showing up whenever they feel an injustice is in progress. They have shown little weakness in their pack mentality, save for equal numbers to counter their vicious assaults. With equal numbers tonight, they can show that they are not as weak as perceived and show that they are formidable opposition against any number.

For Ryback and Team Hell No, this is their chance to punish the group for the assaults perpetrated on them. The unlikely partners have an opportunity to prevent the rest of the WWE from being in danger from this ruthless pack of renegades.

Who will survive the brutality of the tables, ladders, and chairs in this match? Be sure to tune in TONIGHT for this TLC main event!

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