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WWE 'TLC' Preview: Big Show vs. Sheamus Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big Show and Sheamus have had a no-contact clause in place in the weeks prior to their rematch at TLC. With chairs being a legal weapon in this match, will the giant or the man from Ireland take home gold tonight?

The road to TLC

In the final days of October, Big Show defeated Sheamus at Hell in a Cell for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Since then, it has been nonstop between the two, with many words spoken and strikes thrown. This lead to a rematch between the two at Survivor Series, which ended in controversy. Show pulled a referee in front of a Brogue Kick. Sheamus helped to tend to the referee, but turned around into a KO Punch. Big Show scored the pin, but it was then reversed to a DQ loss for Show. He still retained the title and Sheamus proceeded to lay an unholy beating on Show with a steel chair.

All of this leads to yet another rematch. To prevent anything from happening prior to tonight, SmackDown GM Booker T placed a no-contact clause between the two. This was almost broken on Friday's SmackDown, as Antonio Cesaro shoved Sheamus into Big Show. After a little "convincing" from Sheamus by wielding a chair in front of Show and daring him to revoke the match, the match was put back in place.

What's at stake?

Big Show has a title and a reputation to maintain. He has seemed scared of the fire Sheamus has brought as of late and needs to keep his fearless giant aura in tact. Additionally, the title has brought about an even bigger mean streak in Show. The title brings him legitimacy and it would be a big blow if he were to lose it.

For Sheamus, he needs to prove that he is smart enough to overcome Show's devious tactics. He has proven to be physically capable, but to return to the level of greatness he was once at, he needs to avoid all traps and just put the beating he can deliver on Show.

Who will walk out with gold at TLC between Big Show and Sheamus? Find out TONIGHT!

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